About the Changemaker Challenge

This year’s Changemaker Challenge celebrates the young people working to make their local communities better in small and big ways, from organizing free little pantries to banging on pots and pans each night to honor first responders to marching in the streets for change.


Join GNG's Changemaker Events

GNG is excited to spend the year celebrating positivity during a time when so many problems are affecting our communities. This year, in partnership with Students Rebuild we are offering two exciting virtual events to engage your students with other teams and change makers. 


EVENT #1: Changemaker Webcast

One webcast discussion (December 2020) will feature youth change makers from around the world in conversation about taking meaningful action and making a difference. Use our form to register to receive updates and the view link once the date is announced. Teams can tune in live as a group or individually.


If you know a youth change maker who we should consider to join us on screen, please contact Afiya at pulse@gng.org. 


  • Live webcasts engage students in dialogue with each other around the challenge topic.

  • Viewing requires a mobile or desktop screen and a stable internet connection.

  • Webcasts typically last 40 minutes.


EVENT #2: Multi-Team Exchange 

Want to connect your students with other teams in real time? This video-conferencing opportunity will be available for up to 100 students (5-10 classes) that will be put into smaller cross-team groups to share stories about their communities, being a change maker, and the impact they want to make on the world. 


To nominate your team for consideration of this special experience, please complete the form and look out for updates and more details.

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